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[9th June,'99]
Hiya everyone!!! It's time to report the CR news now!!!
The guys are just back to the UK few days ago , before that,they went to have a shoot for their new music video "What good is a heart" in Phuket(which is in Thailand). It's a paradise actually with a beautiful beach and sufficient Sunshine!!! So We all sure the guys will look like sunny boys in it !!! *grin*
While we're waiting for the new video, Code Red is planning to have a promotion trip to the states in the end of June to July. We'll keep you inform when we know any news about it !!! See ya next time!!!
According to the guys in Phuket , Code Red will come back to Asia in September!!! Hope this will come true and we're sure anyone of you can't wait to see the guys again!!! Let's pray together!!!

[24th May,'99]
Welcome to Coderland!!! And it's the first time we see you here after we're rebuilt Coderland. First of all,let us inform you some news about the guys.
Yeah,we all know they are now in Malaysia for their promotions. If you wanna know the tour dates , just click here. And they still have about 2 weeks to go before go back to UK which will be on the 6th of June.
So we wish Code Red will have a good time in the following countries....cheers!!!