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Code Red Links

The Unofficial Code Red Page
This page is launched by 3 lovely S'pore Coders!! It's a cool page of Code check it out!!!

Code Red Online
It's a page made by a S'pore again!!! Please check it out!!!

Code Red US Homepage

CRzine--the OnLine CR mag
This page is made by Pat from ThaiLand, Mita from Indonesia and puDdLe from Singapore

Nicky's UK Code Red Page
It's a page made by a UK girl.

T-one's Code Red Cafe

WeiSin's Code Red Homepage

Code Red Mailing List
It's run by Mita.Please go in and join it 'coz you can get latest info from this mailing list.

Code Red Central

Code Red Zone

The First Unofficial Code Red Page

Code Red Page
A Page made by a girl from Indonesia.

A Code Red Fantasy