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Here's Ada , Candy , Ellen & Gladys and we're the owner of Coderland . First of all, we'd like to thanks for visiting our page and also your support!!! We love you all!! If you have any sugguestions or questions , just feel free to e-mail us!! We're open to hear about you need!!! *grin*

As we have said in the main page, Coderland is an unofficial page of Code Red and it is not for commercial uses. This is the 3rd layout of Coderland after we've re-designed it. Hope you'll enjoy your stay here!!! *grin* Please e-mail us if you're the copyright owners and you are not pleased with the stuffs we put up here and we'll remove them immediately. You are not allowed to use any pictures from our page 'coz these pics are belonged to us! Thanks for supporting Coderland! That's what you make this start! Keep Code Red RuLeZ!!! Remember to stick with us!! *grin*
Code Red is exclusively managed by Maximum Music.
Their Executive Producers are Nicky Graham and Deni Lew .

Special thanks to all our mates out there....... Candice... Jady... Aileen... Chris... Til... Ellie... Yuki... BoBo... Hanifa... Phoebe x2... Mandy... Carrie... Debbie... ... ...etc.