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Articles ~Hong Kong~
Yes Magazine(Issue 426 May,'99)

Click on the pic if you wanna see a larger size.*grin*

This is another pop teenage magazine. And here's Code Red Show at Hard Rock Cafe on the 12th of May.'99. And there were at least 100 fans in the show and all of them are screaming and pulling....

The show started around 5pm.And the first song they sang was "What would you do,if...?" with a WICKED dance routine!!! Then they sang "Everything time you go away" , "Missin' you already" & "Soothe me". They all looked goregous!!! *grin*
After they sang these 4 songs,they had 2 games played with the fans which was hosted by Miguel Choi (a local DJ in Hong Kong). And the guys were so funny!!! =D
After playing these games,Miguel i nvited the guys to come out 'coz we all echo~~~

Then they same "Scarlet Medley" which including "This is our song" , "Is there someone out there" & "Can we talk". We all love this part the most 'coz these are the songs we started to love & support Code Red !!!
We all having the old dance steps of these songs and the guys followed us to do that..It was cool!!!

At the end of the show,the guys sang "What good is a hear?" with the fans....Miguel was singing in the back too...haha....
And the showed ended....and then we all rushed to Tower Records for their autograph session afterwards.

If you wanna know more about the show,please refer to our reviews which will be here soon!!!!(It'll be in News section)
See ya later!!!