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Name: Ada
Place of Birth: Hong Kong
ICQ UIN: Ask me
Age: 19
Height: 5'3"
Eyes Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Likes: Snoopy the Peanuts , Ice Skating , Shopping , Eating , Sleeping , Talking on phone , Going to Movies, Hanging out with Mates etc.
Dislike: Fake People & Liars
Fave Food: Anything with Potato
Fave Fruit: Water Melon
Fave Drinks: Water-Melon Juice , Water ,Ice Tea & Tea(any kind except milk tea 'coz I hate MILK!!!)
Fave Animal: Dog & Hamster
Fave Actor: Brad Pitt
Fave Actress: Meg Ryan
Fave Colour: Baby Blue , Beige, Pink & Black
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